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We guarantee any specimen listed on our site is 100% authentic, with no touchups or repairs. Our fossils are natural and NOT painted. Nature and time are the artists.


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      We have an extensive collection of 300 million-year-old Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian fern plant fossils from eastern Pennsylvania anthracite coal mines.  These specimens are superb for both mineral collecting and fossil collecting, because the ferns are preserved in the mineral pyrophyllite, which sometimes gives them a crisp bold white or silver appearance.  The pyrophyllite is a pyrite pseudomorph.  Any orange or gold color was caused by iron ores in the ground.

      This unique type of preservation provides for incredible detail and sharp contrast with the gray-black siltstone shale host rock, which makes them perfect for studying, collecting, decorating, or sometimes even tiling.  St. Clair fern fossils also make excellent paleontology and paleobotany teaching aids, so get yours while supplies last.  We still donate teaching grade material to Eastern PA and Central NY public grade schools and state schools, inquire within.

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The Coal Flora of Pennsylvania by Leo Lesquereux, 1884

Fossil Plants From The Anthracite Coal Fields of Eastern Pennsylvania by John Oleksyshyn, 1982